Former Students

1. Jeffrey Brown Jr.  Percussion/Assistant Director at Holmes Comm. College


2. Brian Cheesman  Percussion/Director at Itawamba Community College


3. Jefferson Colburn  Head Band Director at Smithville High School


4. Randy Dale Percussion/Assistant Band Director at Ole Miss


5. Jennifer Gillespie Youth Pastor at Harvester Church in Pontotoc


6. Steve Giove Head Conductor at 29 Palms USMC


7. Kraig Goreth Percussion/ Assistant Director Gulf Coast Comm. College


8. Teddy Hall Jr. Percussion Teacher at Alabama A&M, Woodlawn College


9. Paul Heindl Percussion/Director Hinds Comm. College


10. Ronnie Lagrone Private Teacher/Clinician/Composer in Eugene, Oregon


11. Tim Matlock Head Band Director at Tupelo High School


12. Bryan Mitchell Director of Bands at Northeast Comm. College


13. Keith Morgan Head Band Director at Water Valley High School


14. Lee Moyer Percussion/Assistant Director at South Panola High School


15. Steven Palmer Assistant Band Director at Louisville High School


16. Joe Ringold Freelance Percussionist in Chicago, IL


17. Christopher Smith Freelance Percussionist in Mobile, AL


18. Curt Smith Percussion/Assistant Director at Natchez High School


19. Bill Thompson Percussion/Assistant Director at Columbia High School


20. Amanda Wahl Percussion/Assistant Director in Milwaukee, WI


21. Michael Watkins Head Director at Lawrence County High School


22. Jace Wells Percussion/Director at Nettleton High School


23. Jeff West Head Band Director at Senatobia High School


24. Jeremy Freelon Percussion/Assistant Director at Lafayette County HS


25. Brenon Eaton Percussion/Assistant Director at Hernando High School


26. Leslie Shields Percussion/Assistant Director at Tupelo High School


27. Darius Fant Percussion/Assistant Director at Tupelo High School


28. Chris Knox Head Band Director at Coffeeville High School


29. Lamon Lawhorn Percussion/Assistant Director at North Carolina Central University


30. Brandon Lang Percussion/Assistant Band Director at Grenada HS


31. Paul Morgan Graduate Teaching Assistant at Ole Miss


32. Fred Dunlap III Percussion/Band Director in Charlotte, NC


33. Paige Turner Henry Student Teaching at Grenada High School


34. David Coleman Student Teaching at Pontotoc High School





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